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Baleeira-2018-08-02P8021433.jpg2 August 2018Red gurnard
Baleeira-2018-08-02P8021434.jpg2 August 2018Red gurnard
Baleeira-2018-08-02P8021435.jpg2 August 2018
Baleeira-2018-08-02P8021437.jpg2 August 2018Red gurnard
Baleeira-2018-08-02P8021441.jpg2 August 2018Nudibranch
Baleeira-2018-08-02P8021444.jpg2 August 2018Christmas tree worm
Baleeira-2018-08-02P8021445.jpg2 August 2018Christmas tree worm
Baleeira-2018-08-02P8021468.jpg2 August 2018
Baleeira-2018-08-02P8021471.jpg2 August 2018Octopus
Baleeira-2018-08-02P8021472.jpg2 August 2018Octopus
Baleeira-2018-08-02P8021486.jpg2 August 2018Christmas tree worm
Baleeira-2018-08-02P8021498.jpg2 August 2018
Baleeira-2018-08-02P8021514.jpg2 August 2018
Baleeira-2018-08-02P8021534.jpg2 August 2018Red gurnard
Baleeira-2018-08-02P8021535.jpg2 August 2018
Baleeira-2018-08-02P8021537.jpg2 August 2018Red gurnard
2018-07-31 Baleeira P7311150.jpg31 July 2018
2018-07-31 Baleeira P7311151.jpg31 July 2018
2018-07-31 Baleeira P7311152.jpg31 July 2018
2018-07-31 Baleeira P7311155.jpg31 July 2018Octopus
2018-07-31 Baleeira P7311157.jpg31 July 2018Octopus
2018-07-31 Baleeira P7311158.jpg31 July 2018
2018-07-31 Baleeira P7311160.jpg31 July 2018Triton's trumpet
2018-07-31 Baleeira P7311164.jpg31 July 2018Triton's trumpet
2018-07-31 Baleeira P7311172.jpg31 July 2018Octopus
2018-07-31 Baleeira P7311175.jpg31 July 2018Octopus
2018-07-31 Baleeira P7311176.jpg31 July 2018Octopus
2018-07-31 Baleeira P7311177.jpg31 July 2018Octopus
2018-07-31 Baleeira P7311185.jpg31 July 2018Red scorpionfish
2018-07-31 Baleeira P7311188.jpg31 July 2018Red scorpionfish
2018-07-31 Baleeira P7311192.jpg31 July 2018
2018-07-31 Baleeira P7311205.jpg31 July 2018Nudibranch
2018-07-31 Baleeira P7311206.jpg31 July 2018Nudibranch
2018-07-31 Baleeira P7311212.jpg31 July 2018Nudibranch
2018-07-31 Baleeira P7311229.jpg31 July 2018Triton's trumpet
2018-07-31 Baleeira P7311247.jpg31 July 2018Nudibranch
2018-07-31 Baleeira P7311248.jpg31 July 2018Nudibranch
2018-07-31 Baleeira P7311259.jpg31 July 2018Nudibranch
2018-07-31 Baleeira P7311261.jpg31 July 2018Nudibranch
2018-07-31 Baleeira shot0001.jpg31 July 2018Octopus
P4270300.jpg27 April 2018Nudibranch
P4270301.jpg27 April 2018Nudibranch
P4270309.jpg27 April 2018Nudibranch
P4270313.jpg27 April 2018Nudibranch
P4270314.jpg27 April 2018Nudibranch
P4270323.jpg27 April 2018Red gurnard
P4270330.jpg27 April 2018Red gurnard
P4270335.jpg27 April 2018
P4270359.jpg27 April 2018Cuttle fish
P4270365.jpg27 April 2018Cuttle fish
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