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P4270365.jpg27 April 2018Cuttle fish
P4270300.jpg27 April 2018Nudibranch
2018-07-31 Baleeira P7311192.jpg31 July 2018
Baleeira-2018-08-02P8021433.jpg2 August 2018Red gurnard
P4270323.jpg27 April 2018Red gurnard
2018-07-31 Baleeira P7311175.jpg31 July 2018Octopus
Baleeira-2018-08-02P8021445.jpg2 August 2018Christmas tree worm
Baleeira-2018-08-02P8021468.jpg2 August 2018
P4270399.jpg27 April 2018Unknown
2018-07-31 Baleeira P7311157.jpg31 July 2018Octopus
2018-07-31 Baleeira P7311248.jpg31 July 2018Nudibranch
P4270416.jpg27 April 2018Nudibranch
P4270381.jpg27 April 2018Unknown
2018-07-31 Baleeira P7311205.jpg31 July 2018Nudibranch
Baleeira-2018-08-02P8021441.jpg2 August 2018Nudibranch
P4270330.jpg27 April 2018Red gurnard
2018-07-31 Baleeira P7311176.jpg31 July 2018Octopus
Baleeira-2018-08-02P8021434.jpg2 August 2018Red gurnard
Baleeira-2018-08-02P8021471.jpg2 August 2018Octopus
P4270374.jpg27 April 2018Starfish
Sea urchin
2018-07-31 Baleeira P7311158.jpg31 July 2018
2018-07-31 Baleeira P7311259.jpg31 July 2018Nudibranch
P4270301.jpg27 April 2018Nudibranch
2018-07-31 Baleeira P7311150.jpg31 July 2018
2018-07-31 Baleeira P7311206.jpg31 July 2018Nudibranch
Baleeira-2018-08-02P8021437.jpg2 August 2018Red gurnard
P4270314.jpg27 April 2018Nudibranch
2018-07-31 Baleeira P7311177.jpg31 July 2018Octopus
Baleeira-2018-08-02P8021537.jpg2 August 2018Red gurnard
Baleeira-2018-08-02P8021486.jpg2 August 2018Christmas tree worm
P4270335.jpg27 April 2018
2018-07-31 Baleeira P7311160.jpg31 July 2018Triton's trumpet
2018-07-31 Baleeira P7311261.jpg31 July 2018Nudibranch
P4270407.jpg27 April 2018Octopus
2018-07-31 Baleeira P7311151.jpg31 July 2018
2018-07-31 Baleeira P7311212.jpg31 July 2018Nudibranch
Baleeira-2018-08-02P8021435.jpg2 August 2018
P4270313.jpg27 April 2018Nudibranch
2018-07-31 Baleeira P7311185.jpg31 July 2018Red scorpionfish
Baleeira-2018-08-02P8021498.jpg2 August 2018
Baleeira-2018-08-02P8021535.jpg2 August 2018
P4270359.jpg27 April 2018Cuttle fish
2018-07-31 Baleeira P7311164.jpg31 July 2018Triton's trumpet
2018-07-31 Baleeira shot0001.jpg31 July 2018Octopus
P4270412.jpg27 April 2018
2018-07-31 Baleeira P7311152.jpg31 July 2018
2018-07-31 Baleeira P7311229.jpg31 July 2018Triton's trumpet
Baleeira-2018-08-02P8021514.jpg2 August 2018
P4270309.jpg27 April 2018Nudibranch
2018-07-31 Baleeira P7311188.jpg31 July 2018Red scorpionfish
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