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The LinkedWiki extension lets you reuse Linked Data in your wiki. You can get data from Wikidata or another source directly with a SPARQL query. This extension also provides Lua functions for building your modules so that you can write your data in your RDF database.


You will need to install yarn , I have followed the instructions in which as I have problems with the yarn packed from the Debian Stable apt source.

cd extensions
git clone LinkedWiki
cd LinkedWiki

Install composer (locally). I prefer not to have composer installed system wide, so I will install it in the LinkedData extension dir.

curl -sS | php

Run composer install, to install the dependencies

php composer.phar install --no-dev

And finally run yarn install:

yarn install --production=true

Load the extension in LocalSettings.php, by adding to it:

wfLoadExtension( 'LinkedWiki' );

Check the installation by going to Special:Interwiki and Special:LinkedWikiConfig pages, note that the extension does not appear in Special:Version.

If not installed, you are need to install php-curl, :

sudo apt-get install php-curl

And restart the webserver:

sudo systemctl restart apache2


And we can make a Test SPARQL query against Wikidata in Special:SparqlQuery, with the following query, which asks for the European capitals with a population of the more that 1 million, which can be seen embedded in the wiki page LinkedWiki-Sandbox

SELECT DISTINCT ?country ?countryName ?capital ?capitalName ?capitalPop 
            ?country wdt:P31 wd:Q6256 . 
            ?country rdfs:label ?countryName . 
                FILTER (LANG(?countryName) = "en").
            ?country wdt:P30 wd:Q46 .  
            ?country wdt:P36 ?capital .
            ?capital rdfs:label ?capitalName .
                FILTER (LANG(?capitalName) = "en")
            ?capital wdt:P1082 ?pop . 
                FILTER ( abs(?pop) > 1000000)
                BIND(round(?pop) as ?capitalPop ) 
ORDER BY DESC(?capitalPop) 

Setting up & Config

As administrator I have to add myself to the group "Data" in Special:UserRights in order to write on the LinkedWiki created namespaces: Data and UserData

I like to add the LinkedWiki important pages to the side bar so i add to Mediawiki:Sidebar

* LinkedWiki
** Special:LinkedWikiConfig|LinkedWikiConfig
** Special:SparqlQuery|SparqlQuery

use SPARQL service to save all RDF data of wiki

This idea could be interesting to explore, as the Wiki data, could stay stored in the wiki DB, while being "mirror" on a RDF db, through its SPARQL end point.

Will try to do that!!

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