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Narratives of Deception


Narrative phrases.gif Narratives of Deception consists in a performance, and other associated manifestations - script booklet, and screening - that gives voice to the dramas of the American soldier who captured Osama bin Laden; the daughter of Kenya's road minister who is threaten by her evil stepmother; and the sick and religious widow who writes from her hospital bed.

All these are stories that circulate through the infamous Nigerian spam emails, known as 419s. Narratives of Deception tries to communicate the richness of these authorless stories

Performers: Toine Hovers, Jozef van Rossum & Cora Schmeiser


Performed at V2_, June 25 2013, as part of Piet Zwart Institute graduation show.

<video controls> <source src="../../media/Narratives_clip.mp4" type="video/mp4"> </video> Video by Michaela Lakova

Script Booklet

The piece's script was translated into a booklet, designed in collaboration with Marie Wocher. The booklet's layout mirrors the performance's structure. Download PDF

Pg 0001.jpg Pg 0002.jpg Pg 0003.jpg Pg 0007.jpg ### Exhibition

The exhibition piece comprises a video register of the entire performance and three booklets containing the piece's script.

News from Nowhere - Piet Zwart Institute graduation show, V2_, Rotterdam.

Show 01.jpg Show 02.jpg Show 03.jpg ### Thesis

As part of the research for the creation of Narratives of Deception, and for the Piet Zwart's Master of Media Design and Communication, I wrote a thesis on 419 genre of email spam. Download PDF


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