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River Gurara 13194/80 built by Brodogradiliste i Tvornica Dizel Motora "Split".

They were 8 sisterships built from 1979 by Ys.Split for Nigeria:RIVER ADADA-OJI-MAJIDUN-OLI-OSHUN-OGBESE-MAJE

Unfortunately, the misfortune of the Gurara and her crew, was that they foundered off Portugal, where the Coast Guard were as useful as a Chocolate Fireguard! Instead of coming to the aid of this ship, the Portuguese turned the sinking of the Gurara, it into a spectacle, as over 45 good and brave sailors died!

Had the Gurara foundered in the Solent, Irish Sea or in the English Channel all 45 sailors would still be alive today.



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