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Run Fuseki as a systemd service

As root got

cd /usr/local/src

Download & untar

tar xfvz apache-jena-fuseki-3.15.0.tar.gz
cd apache-jena-fuseki-3.15.0

Fuseki File Layout

I will follow the Filesystem layout suggested by the official documentation for [1] for running Fuseki as a service

Environment Variable 	Default Setting
FUSEKI_HOME 	        /usr/share/fuseki
FUSEKI_BASE 	        /etc/fuseki
  • FUSEKI_HOME(Distribution area) – a is essentially the fuseki-server binary and a few helper scripts
  • FUSEKI_BASE(Runtime area) – is a directory that contains the configuration, dbs, logs - which should be backup and not changed with updates of the Fuseki binaries.

So let's go ahead and create those directories and move the corresponding files to the right dir

mkdir /usr/share/fuseki
mkdir /etc/fuseki
mv {fuseki,fuseki-server,fuseki-server.bat,fuseki-server.jar,fuseki.war,bin,webapp} /usr/share/fuseki/
mv -r run/* /etc/fuseki/

And we can make a test run by running:


And checking the if the server is up by visiting http://localhost:3030/index.html

Service file

Inside the untared dir /usr/local/src/apache-jena-fuseki-3.15.0 you can find the file fuseki.service

This file should be copied to /etc/system.d/system and edited in order to run Fuseki as a service. The file itself is quite self explanatory, so I will only write here my changes, which match the file system structure I went for.

cp fuseki.service /etc/systemd/system
vi /etc/systemd/system/fuseki.service

Note that the service, by default, will be run by user fuseki:

# Run as user  "fuseki"

Hence I will add the user fuseki to my system

useradd fuseki

Enable and run the service:

systemctl enable fuseki
systemctl start fuseki

Check it's status

systemctl status fuseki

there is the file

cp apache-jena-fuseki-3.15.0 /usr/local/bin/fuseki -r

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