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The LinkedWiki extension lets you reuse Linked Data in your wiki. You can get data from Wikidata or another source directly with a SPARQL query. This extension also provides Lua functions for building your modules so that you can write your data in your RDF database.


You will need to install yarn , I have followed the instructions in which as I have problems with the yarn packed from the Debian Stable apt source.

cd extensions
git clone LinkedWiki
cd LinkedWiki

Install composer (locally). I prefer not to have composer installed system wide, so I will install it in the LinkedData extension dir.

curl -sS | php

Run composer install, to install the dependencies

php composer.phar install --no-dev

And finally run yarn install:

yarn install --production=true

Load the extension in LocalSettings.php, by adding to it:

wfLoadExtension( 'LinkedWiki' );

Check the installation by going to Special:Interwiki and Special:LinkedWikiConfig pages, note that the extension does not appear in Special:Version.

And we can make a Test SPARQL query against Wikidata in Special:SparqlQuery, with the query, which asks for the European capitals with a population of the more that 1 million

SELECT DISTINCT ?country ?countryName ?capital ?capitalName ?capitalPop 
        SERVICE <>
            ?country wdt:P31 wd:Q6256 . # instance of: country
            ?country rdfs:label ?countryName . 
                FILTER (LANG(?countryName) = "en").
            ?country wdt:P30 wd:Q46 .   # continent: Europe
            ?country wdt:P36 ?capital .
            ?capital rdfs:label ?capitalName .
                FILTER (LANG(?capitalName) = "en")
            ?capital wdt:P1082 ?pop .  # how to display decimal
                FILTER ( abs(?pop) > 1000000)
        }               BIND(round(?pop) as ?capitalPop ) # bind round(?pop) to var ?capitaPop
ORDER BY DESC(?capitalPop) 

Setting up & Config

I like to add the LinkedWiki important pages to the side bar so i add to Mediawiki:Sidebar

* Interwiki
** Special:LinkedWikiConfig|LinkedWikiConfig
** Special:Interwiki|Interwiki Data
** Special:SparqlQuery|SparqlQuery
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