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= Radio Fragments =
= Radio Fragments =
==== 2010 ====
==== 2007 ====
'''''Sound installation exploring radiophonic silences''.'''
'''''Sound installation exploring radiophonic silences''.'''
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[[Date::2010| ]]
[[Date::2007| ]]
[[Section::Works| ]]
[[Section::Works| ]]

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Radio Fragments


Sound installation exploring radiophonic silences.

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Based upon an analysis-control mechanism, to which a real-time mainstream radio broadcast is fed, the installations acts as a reversed-noise-gate, singling out what is usually ignored or avoided in the radiophonic discourse (i.e. whispers, stumbles, pauses, dead spaces and errors) and muting all the other sounds, such as words or songs. These punctuating fragments become the raw materials from which Radio Fragments sonic concoction is created.

Video by Emilia Kuryłowicz

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